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what we do

Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

We’ve created a One-Stop Shop and Guide to Being Extraordinary, to Get Your Fuckin’ Shit Together, to Conceptualize, Create, and Conquer your life exactly the way you want it. We are the Dreamers, but a dream is never enough… So, come with us on our journey to Greatness, and we can promise you this if nothing more, you will Never Be Alone in your dreams. We’re right here with you. If it’s possible, we’ll do it together, and if it’s impossible, we’ll stand by and empower you while you Redefine The Limits of what the world has thought possible until now.


 So you wanna live an extraordinary life, do you? You wanna be insanely successful and rich beyond your wildest dreams? …to have all the luxuries of life and love what you do everyday, and take care of all your people, wildin’ out, livin the dream…? And what’s even more amazing is that you just wish you could find that thing, that thing they say you can find inside you… and it’s like your golden ticket because you’ll work more tirelessly on that than you’d ever work for someone else! (some shit job you don’t even care about, except for the money, of course and the lifestyle it provides, which might be the only thing you do actually care about: the status that we all attach to our ideal careers). 


 Does this sound like the little voice inside your head that you’ve tried desperately to silence for the greater part of your adult life? Beautiful. Us too. We just wish we had some answers for you on how to get from here to there. But you have Google, Get Your Fuckin Shit Together and explore the world til you find something you can’t live without, something that actually excites a part of you that silences every other voice you’ve ever heard say no and speaks only to you. Still, we have no answers for you. See, life is about Experience. Best we have for you is this… we’ll give you our Ideas, Opinions, and Experiences freely and openly, if for nothing more than to hope that in reading and interacting with us, together we can find at best, the inspiration we need to speed Evolvution as a species and at worst, simply ditch the Fear attached to living Unconventionally on our own terms. Are we really the only people that think evolution can move a lot faster with human beings? We’re already the most advanced, badass beings on the planet! If you win the rat race, you’re still just a fuckin rat. Like, Wtf man? Some of the greatest minds in history lived hundreds (arguably thousands) of years ago… Aristotle, Tesla, Einstien… The Ancient Egyptians and Greeks as entire cultures were as intelligent as we are today! And they had less actual facts and obviously less technology, so what does that say about us? When they write the history of our era, what will they write?




Conceptualize. Create. Conquer.